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How To Setup A LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Environment on Amazon AWS EC2

AWS is quickly turning into an extremely common solution – offering significantly more features than most VPS hosting providers, while also keeping the costs down. As such plenty of people...
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Auto Generation of New Prospects in eLEAD CRM via ADF XML Emails

Over the years I have worked with many different API programs, especially in the automotive field. Edmunds, eLead, DataOne, Fuel - you name it. Since not all of them feature...
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Life Is All ABout How You Handle Plan B – Don’t Neglect Your Backups!

I talk about creating and managing an online presence alot – and every now and then someone will ask me what I think is the most important aspect of an...
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How To Easily Install Gnome Software Center On Your Chromebook

Linux is pretty much all the rage these days when it comes to Chromebooks – and for good reason. Support for Linux applications has introduced thousands of brand new apps...
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3 WordPress Mistakes You Are Probably Making

If you're fairly new to website development, or just getting started with WordPress - you're probably making at least one of these mistakes.
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