Wondering who I am?

I am a lover of all things internet, a business owner, a web developer, an online marketing consultant, an automotive enthusiast, a cycling fanatic, a die-hard New Yorker and a Disney dad.

I plan, develop, and put in motion integrated marketing and web development campaigns for various businesses across a broad range of online platforms - encompassing Facebook, Instagram & Twitter advertising, Google PPC campaigns, print advertising, custom designed websites & landing pages and much more. 

With over a decade of experience, I'm here to help anyone establish an online presence successfully and develop a marketing campaign that drives conversions & results. 

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About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the Internet. Like a lot of kids, I started with games and kid-friendly websites, but soon found myself developing my own sites on platforms like Geocities & Angelfire. Quickly, I expanded into phpNuke, WordPress, and various other platforms. There’s something about bringing a website to life, the process of creation is, itself, a reward.

Initially, I enrolled in courses for web development, but I quickly realized that my local programs weren’t keeping up to speed with the fast evolving World Wide Web. I switched to marketing while pursuing web development & programming on my own. Fortunately, I loved marketing just as much as the internet, and realized I could combine the two into a career I was truly passionate about. 

I spent 8 years as a logistics & operations manager, before moving up the ladder and holding some Creative Director & CTO positions. 

People often ask me if I prefer the creative side or the technical side better? The answer is that I love both. But upon further exploration, I learned what I really thrive on is planning. All of my previous jobs in logistics, operations management, business development, web development and successful marketing campaigns all have the core element of planning that ties them together. I am a planner - and that allows me to properly plan and execute a beautiful website, a successful application, or a marketing campaign that drives conversions.

Frequently working in overlapping fields has allowed me to develop a unique combination of management, marketing & web development skills. I have worked on a broad range of professional projects, ranging from the development of custom backend platforms, online point-of-sale systems & Bitcoin shopping carts, to leading digital marketing campaigns for local businesses featuring social media & email marketing tactics.

This experience culminated in the founding of Media Explode - an integrated marketing company based in Brooklyn, NY which merges together development, digital marketing, and print media to help business owners get the most from their marketing dollars. Our mission is to help business owners by providing the proper strategy & creative design across digital, social, mobile, and all visual channels.

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