About Me

  • Full Name : Michael Boguslavskiy
  • Date of Birthday : 26 October 1988
  • Website : www.mboguslavskiy.us
  • Email : mike@rapidpurple.com
  • Location : Brooklyn, NY
  • HTML5/CSS3


  • WordPress

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Email Marketing (Mailchimp/Constant Contact)

Wondering who I am? I am a student, a lover of all things internet, a business owner, a web developer, an online marketing consultant, a car fanatic, a Manchester United fan. I tweet, I facebook, I share, I network, I write, I develop, I assist. I am Michael Boguslavskiy, over the years the nicknames have piled on – and I suppose with a last name so long it had to happen.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the Internet. Like a lot of kids, I started with games and kid-friendly websites, but soon found myself developing my own sites on platforms like Geocities & Angelfire. Quickly, I expanded into phpNuke, WordPress, and various other platforms. There’s something about bringing a website to life, the process of creation is, itself, a reward.

Initially, I enrolled in courses for web development, but I quickly realized that my local programs weren’t keeping up to speed with the fast evolving World Wide Web. I switched to marketing while pursuing web development & programming on my own. Fortunately, I loved marketing just as much as the internet, and realized I could combine the two into a career I was truly passionate about.

Frequently working in interlapping fields has allowed me to develop a unique combination of marketing & web development skills. I have worked on a broad range of professional projects, ranging from the development of custom backend platforms, online point-of-sale systems & Bitcoin shopping carts, to leading digital marketing campaigns for local businesses featuring social media & email marketing tactics.

This experience culminated in the founding of Media Explode - an integrated marketing company based in Brooklyn, NY which merges together development, digital marketing, and print media to help business owners get the most from their marketing dollars. Our mission is to help business owners by providing the proper strategy & creative design across digital, social, mobile, and all visual channels.

This is where I get to plan, develop, and put in motion marketing and advertising campaigns for various merchants across a broad range of online platforms - encompassing Facebook, Instagram & Twitter advertising, Google PPC campaigns, print advertising, and much more. Marketing is all about thinking about the box, and Media Explode is where I get to take those thoughts and put them into motion.

If you have a project you wish to discuss with me, or an idea to run by me - I am always happy to discuss! Shoot me a message!

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My Projects

Rapid Purple

A webmasters resource center - featuring internet & marketing news; HTML/CSS, PHP, WordPress, and Photoshop tutorials; as-well as free online tools & generators.

Media Explode

An integrated branding, marketing and development agency based in the Greater New York City area - providing strategy & creative design across digital, social, and mobile channels.

RP Social & SEO Stats Lookup

Quickly run an online SEO analysis of your website, featuring 20+ key SEO metrics and a breakdown of your social marketing strategy.

My YouTube Videos

My Resume

Media Explode

2014 - Present

Media Explode is an integrated branding, marketing and development agency based in the Greater New York City area. For over a decade we have been successfully providing strategy, creative design across digital, social, mobile, content and visual production channels.

When leading brands want to find new ways to satisfy their customers, want to out-innovate their competition or simply have a spark of an idea they want to make real, they call on Media Explode to design, create and deliver it.

Here I plan, develop, and put in motion marketing and advertising campaigns for various merchants across a broad range of online platforms - encompassing Facebook, Instagram & Twitter advertising, Google PPC campaigns, print advertising, and much more.

Plus I still like to get my hands dirty - and as such you will often find me leading the design and development of client websites and applications.

Rapid Purple

2009 - Present

Developed and managed a wide array of projects ranging from complete backend solutions for online and offline applications through the use of PHP & PDO, MySQL, jQuery/AJAX; to custom Wordpress themes and plugins; down to basic HTML4/5 & CSS3 driven websites.

Maintained and managed several successful online marketing campaigns for a wide array of businesses and brands.

Maintain the Rapid Purple website which serves as a portal filled with valuable webmaster resources aimed to keep all of my clients, my followers, and many small business owners, up to date about the latest internet happenings. Here I share coupons and discounts on various services from domain names to hosting plans; news about the latest changes in Google's crawlers; publish tutorials in C, HTML, PHP and Photoshop; feature articles regarding Social Marketing; and offer free webmaster tools and webmaster resources to help you build and manage your own website.


2013 - 2015

Planned, managed and implemented a variety of online applications and solutions within the marketing, business services, and financial spectrums.

Developed an online business directory/social media network which ties together a variety of key social networking components along with business marketing features all from within one online portal. This project ranged from the management and servicing of a dedicated Linux-based server running Red Hat Enterprise Server; along with extensive development in Wordpress & Buddypress with a significant amount of MySQL and InnoDB database optimization.

Developed a secure online client portal allowing for both customers, staff, and resellers to stay connected and aware of the status of all of their services and accounts. The portal allowed for easy invoicing and billing; support requests; service upgrade requests; and live service statistics - such as real-time Facebook & Twitter statistics for social media clients and real time telecommunication data for vOIP clients; along with real time transaction data for merchant service clients.

Developed an embeddable eCommerce shopping cart with support for Authorize.NET Credit Card payments and BitPay Bitcoin payments.

Maintained and supported in-house networks and staff workstations featuring several HP ProCurve switches; along with Cisco 2900 Routers. Local networks contained several networked printers; along with several ReadyNAS systems for backups and local file sharing.

Controlled the in-house PBX system and managed the routing of all incoming calls from various company owned phone numbers to the appropriate extensions and mailboxes. Handled any and all firmware upgrades and improvements.

Maintained and managed an Android & iPhone based mobile point of sale application; along with maintenance of the MySQL database housing the necessary data.

Luce Produkt

2011 - 2013

Lead the development of the main Luce Produkt website geared towards automotive eCommerce sales. A full custom eCommerce platform was developed factoring in the different vehicle make and models and their relation to the products being ordered.

Developed import scripts allowing for CSV file columns to be mapped and imported to MySQL database columns allowing for the quick import of thousands of products and product variations at once.

eBay integration was developed to help automate new product listings and to maintain a single inventory database recording all sales from all channels.

Designed and developed a variety of sister company websites and product landing pages.

Implemented various online marketing methods and PPC campaigns.

Worked heavily with PayPal, eBay, and Authorize.Net API's.

Maintained several dedicated servers utilizing both Linux and Microsoft Servers.

Grew eCommerce sales by 40% within the first year.

AMS Brooklyn

2011 - 2012

Managed the network and various systems set in-place for the AMS call-center. This consisted of maintaining an in-house server, managing the dialing software, and maintaining a set of 10 PC systems.

This position also included the development of a custom built LMS system (Lead Management System) - to allow the various staff to control each lead from it's creation through to the completed sale. This system was developed completely from scratch utilizing PHP, MySQL, jQuery and AJAX. It allowed for each lead to be assigned and re-assigned, for faxed in statements to automatically be attached to a specific lead, and for notes to be listed for each lead. Furthermore an advanced reporting system was developed to keep track of staff progress.

Contact Me

  • Have an idea you want to run by me, or a project you need help with? Get in touch with me via one of the methods listed below!
  • 908.864.7283
  • me@mboguslavskiy.us
  • 2271 East 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11229